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Wheelchair Transfer Singapore

Do you have a family member or friend on wheelchair travelling with you? Are you looking for a ride, a Wheelchair Transfer Singapore transportation that is comfortable and easy to access? Aged or disabled people have special needs that have to be taken into account before travelling with them anywhere. It can be really difficult to hoist the wheelchair into the vehicle without proper arrangement for it. The transportation of Wheelchair Transfer Singapore can be made stress-free by renting out vehicles that provide the wheelchair accessible feature in it. Whether you hire a 13 seater mini bus or a smaller one, each can be equipped with a mechanism that can ease the transfer.

Wwheelchair Transfer Singapore

What is Wheelchair Transfer Services?

Safety regards for aged or disabled people with the wheelchair are most important criteria which all rental vehicles pay meticulous attention to for wheelchair transfers. Along with that, ease of transfer is equally important. This is done by fixating the rental vehicles for wheelchair transfers with a ramp and lift facility which enables a person to swiftly hoist the wheelchair on and off the vehicle. Moreover, the minibuses such as the wheelchair accessible minibus rental and all others too, have 3-point seat belts for the passengers and people in the wheelchair.

Enough space is provided to keep the wheelchairs aside and also seat the passenger inside the vehicle when they need to get off. Comfort and ease are the primary features provided for these wheelchair transfers so they can travel absolutely anywhere.

Benefits of Wheelchair Transfers

It becomes distressful for all if one can manage to make travelling easy for the aged or disabled people with the wheelchair for regular work, visit rehabilitation centres or just casual outings to parks or funfairs. Wheelchair transfers Singapore make it extremely easy for one to go anywhere without worrying about giving trouble to other people every time they want to step out of the house. The usual vehicles don’t have the capacity to make enough space for people with the wheelchair and the minibuses can be really hard for aged people to climb on because of the bigger steps.

One of the attractive features of our wheelchair accessible transportation service is that, other passengers can also be seated. For example, you’re out on a vacation with your family,  11 members or so, one of them who is in a wheelchair or age, the 13-seater minibus rental accommodated for wheelchair transfers and you’ll be good to go.

Wheelchair Transfers Is Your Solution

We have a dedicated team of customer services to hear you and meet you demands with highest flexibility to ensure a relaxed and satisfying experience. The rentals undergo stringent inspection by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) approved workshops in compliance with the rules and regulations of the city. This is how we ensure hundred percent reliability and safety of our rental vehicles for all transfers such as Airport transfers, Business transfers and so on.

We have experienced and enthusiastic drivers that come with all rental transfers and maintain steady and smooth drive especially for wheelchair transfers. They have attained the Class 3 license and the vocational license by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and go through regular training to keep them updated to new models and vehicles of our rental fleet. Moreover, they are aware of each and every locality, famous places and other routes of Singapore which will make your drive even easier and faster.

They are accessible for both one way and two way transfer and you can select the one that suits best for your needs. We cater to ad-hoc trips to all corners of Singapore as well as the neighboring Malaysia throughout the year.

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