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The wide variety of Minibus Rental that cater to every standard or luxury needs of yours
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Mini Charter Bus Rental Singapore

Need to make transport arrangement for company events for a small group of staffs? Or a day out with your family and friends? If you are looking for something that transcends the ordinary and brings everyone together, for work or fun? Different times call for extraordinary measures for your transportation that can deliver comfort, ease of travel and a bit of style. You can’t really think about hiring four to five cars or taxis for a long days’ work or tour,  when you’ve got the brilliant option of saving much effort and costs through the Mini Charter Bus Rental Singapore transportation. The best thing that you should acknowledge is the wide variety of Mini Charter Bus Rental Singapore transportation that can cater to every standard or luxury needs of yours.

Features of Mini Bus

Understanding the wide variety of needs of transport, minibuses come in different seating capacities and amenities. It can accommodate from 6 to 23 individuals and has abundant space for your luggage in a separated compartment as well. All the seats have a 3-point belt to maintain the level of safety standards put forward by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

Mini Tour Bus RentalWhether you’re travelling to convention centres, as school groups to museum or competitions, or for a tour within Singapore and the neighbouring beautiful cities of Malaysia, the Mini Charter Bus Rental In Singapore has different setups for all. Plus, if you’re going for a long trip with your family and friends, you’ll also need enough space for all your baggage which the minibus sufficiently provides.

If you’re looking to ferry your wedding guests to and fro the destination, the wedding Mini Charter Bus Rental In Singapore would be a remarkable choice. Similarly, for shuttle services of shoppers and staff of Corporate Companies to and fro to the MRT/LRT station and bus depot, the Mini Shuttle Bus Rental can be used.

Benefits of Minibus

The Mini Charter Bus Rental In Singapore is accessible in diversified features that you can use to the best of your abilities suiting your needs. One of the greatest advantages of rentals over owning such minibuses is the fact that you can choose whichever you need or want at different points of time. You can enjoy the luxury small bus charter rental from time to time while selecting the standard cheap minibus rental for weekend trips.

Unlike cars and taxis, Minibus Rental With Driver lets a larger number of people to travel together. This saves a massive amount of costs in terms of the multiple car rentals, fuel costs and individual drivers for each.

When you own a minibus of a certain model type, it’s difficult to switch to the new ones with latest technology fittings every year considering the additional costs a vehicle brings along when you buy or lease them. Such costs include the regular maintenance and repair expenses, the ever-increasing insurance premiums and the road taxes.

Minibus Rental For Your Solution


Our rentals go for contracts on a regular basis, so we take additional care of our vehicles by hiring the expert and qualified maintenance and technical crew for our company. Their contribution to the rental vehicles have lowered the probabilities of breakdowns significantly and we strive to sustain the criteria of safety and reliability.

The wider focus on best services for our customers is delivered by our very own team of experienced and highly skilled drivers who are also friendly and will always meet you with smiles. Their expertise extends to the knowledge of all routes of Singapore as well as the localities and famous places or the tourists who want to explore it all.

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For reasons pertaining to huge demands, all our rentals are subject to availability. To be on safest side, reserve your vehicle as early as possible by filling up the general details on the reservation form. You can also choose to call our customer service for instant hires.

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