Corporate Car Rental Singapore

Juggling the balance sheet is always the pain of every company.  Any misspending may put the Company into the cashflow problem.  One way for company effective cost-saving is to rent a car for corporate use instead of buying one.  In other countries, having the car as the fixed asset is good, but not in Singapore.  This is because of the high cost of Certificate of Entitlement, COE, a mandatory license which costs $50,000 alone without adding the purchase price of the car, to own and drive the car on Singapore road just for 10 years of usage.

Our experienced Sales and Marketing teamwork with the Business owner to customise a programme of Corporate Car Rental Singapore to meet their business needs. Assisted business owner better manage the transportation cost. This can help the company save on payment of COE, vehicle maintenance cost, depreciation cost, insurance and road tax costs.  They can even drive new and different car models to impress their clients.Corporate Limousine

Why Opt for Corporate Car Rental with us

If you are looking to rent a corporate car, sgTransportationHub is your one-stop transport provider. Whether you are looking for economy or luxury cars, we have a large fleet of cars to meet all your business transport needs at an affordable price:

Capital Flow

Free up the capital on COE, Car Service Maintenance Cost, Insurance and Road Tax that allow more capital on-hand


Our customise Corporate Car Rental Singapore plan offers business owner to driver various type of car to suit the different business need. From Saloon to People carrier/MPV. Rent for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, we deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. We have the wide location of pick up if you choose to collect it yourself.

Suitable Package

We understand every business is different; from Sole Proprietor, SME and Multinational Corporation, our experienced Sales and Marketing Team will only recommend the right package of their need. Assisted business owner better manage the transportation cost.

Hassle Free

Our friendly Account Manager is on call 24/7, just let us know your requirement for us to source your desire fleet, we complete the registration, and obtain the necessary insurance. We free you to attend to your other important business matter. The right fleet is always at your door when you need it; be it on short or long term rent a car. Hassle free at the airport with just a show of your ID, the car key is available and the car is ready at the terminal upon your arrival.

Best of all…

We drive cost down but remain a premium service for our Corporate Customer. We value their support and rewarded them for their loyalty. We are someone that you can rely on.

We also provide Corporate Limousine Service for airport transfer, events transfer and travel to Malaysia, for a reasonable fee too.  Do drop us an email at for more details.  Our friendly staff will contact you within 24 hours.